Call for papers

Since issue 30, each issue of MIDEO gathers articles on a specific topic as well as text editions and varia.

Next thematic issues

  • Studies on the Qu’ran: towards a pluralist hermeneutic (MIDEO 31, 2016)

Scholarly research on the Qu’ran have developped dramatically in the recent years. A renewed understanding of the text is made possible by the study of new sources, the recourse to intertextuality and crossed methodologies. These methods enable a pluralistic hermeneutic. This volume will present some of these latest researches.

  • The sciences of Islam, between repetition and innovation: What is commenting in Islam? (MIDEO 32, 2017, related to the concluding conference of the 200 Project)

Submitting an article or a review

If you wish to submit an article related to the topics of the next issues, a text edition or an article that fits in the general purpose of the Institute, if you wish to submit a book review on islamology, you can send your text directly to the director of MIDEO (gro.o1495756495riac-1495756495oedi@1495756495oedim1495756495).

Please pay attention to the journal guidelines and in particular to the Guidelines for MIDEO‘s authors.

Authors who would like MIDEO to publish a review of their book should send a copy to the following address :

Emmanuel PISANI
Director of MIDEO
8 rue Fabre
34000 Montpellier – France

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