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MIDEOMiscellanies of the Dominican Institute for Oriental Studies in Cairo—is a periodical set up in 1954 by IDEO’s first members. These Miscellanies are mostly academical contributions from the members of the Institute and from scholars collaborating with them. Its articles are in French, in English or in Arabic.

The periodical is available free online:

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What Does it Mean to Comment in Islam?

The articles gathered in the MIDÉO 32 incorporate most of the contributions presented at the symposium organized by IDEO in Cairo on the 14th, 15th and 16th of January, 2016, on the theme of “Science of Islam, Between Repetition and Innovation: What Does it Mean to Comment in Islam?“

Commenting has in fact become essential to the point of being considered the mode par excellence of intellectual activity (Ṣāleḥ).
The articles here allow a confrontation with the sources in order to verify the functional level relevance of the commentaries identified by Wisnovsky, and they contribute to a better knowledge of authors of Arab Muslim patrimony.  The volume also incorporates an important article on the theology of religions by Father Rémi Chéno and an article on the theological epistemology of Ibn Ḥazm of Cordoba.  The volume presents as well issues of the Marrakesh Declaration of 27 January 2016.

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Muslim theology of religions

Call for paper: MIDEO 33 (2018)

Islam and religions. The topic is not new. At the time of early Islam, it referred to the relations and interactions between Muslims and non-Muslims. In the first centuries of Islam, it was discussed in the context of treaties on dogmas and practices of different “sects” and religions. It classifies the numerous Refutations (rudūd) towards Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians or heterodox Muslim factions and deals with the legal question (fiqh) of the rights and duties of the non-Muslims on the one hand and the Muslims’ on the other hand.1 Continue reading Muslim theology of religions

Call for papers

Since issue 30, each issue of MIDEO gathers articles on a specific topic as well as text editions and varia.

Next thematic issues

  • Studies on the Qu’ran: towards a pluralist hermeneutic (MIDEO 31, 2016)

Scholarly research on the Qu’ran have developped dramatically in the recent years. A renewed understanding of the text is made possible by the study of new sources, the recourse to intertextuality and crossed methodologies. These methods enable a pluralistic hermeneutic. This volume will present some of these latest researches.

  • The sciences of Islam, between repetition and innovation: What is commenting in Islam? (MIDEO 32, 2017, related to the concluding conference of the 200 Project)

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Tables of content of MIDEO

Please find below the tables of content of MIDEO, 1‒30. Starting with issue number 31, MIDEO is published by IFAO (Cairo) and is freely available online on OpenEdition. If you want to order a printed volume of MIDEO (including previous issues), please contact IFAO.

MIDEO 1 (1954)

First edition: 1954, Dār al-Maʿārif (Cairo, Egypt), 195 pages. Reprint: 1975, Librairie du Liban (Beirut, Lebanon).

  • Liminaire. 5‒6.
  • Beaurecueil, Serge de. « Les références bibliques de l’itinéraire spirituel chez ʿAbdallāh Anṣārī (Vᵉ/XIᵉ s.) ». 9‒38.
  • Jomier, Jacques « Quelques positions actuelles de l’exégèse coranique en Égypte révélées par une polémique récente (1947‒1951) ». 39‒72.
  • Jabre, Farid « La biographie et l’œuvre de Ghazālī reconsidérées à la lumière des Ṭabaqāt de Sobkī ». 73‒102.
  • Anawati, Georges C. « Textes arabes anciens édités en Égypte au cours de l’année 1953 ». 103‒142.

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