circles of fraternity

Session 1 - Rediscovering the Document on Human Fraternity

This first session is an opportunity to immerse yourselves in reading the document on human fraternity, with a view to reflecting more deeply on its impact on your life, and on how to implement the ideas mentioned.

As a first step, we invite you to reread the Document together, and then to launch an initial reflection, answer the following questions.

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  • 1.The context of the document

First, let’s look at the context of this document, both internationally and between the two signatories.

1.1 Did Ahmad al-Tayyeb and Pope Francis meet before signing the Document?

1.2. Why did they want to sign it?

1.3. What is the international context and how are the religions perceived?

1.4. What is the context of the relationship between al-Azhar and the Vatican, and to what extent is this Document a surprise?

1.5. In this context, what value can be attributed to the document? What does the signing of such a document inspire in you?

  • 2.The document, its form and impact

Let’s now read the document.

2.1 What are your thoughts on the document’s form? What questions does the form of the document poses for you?

2.2 In your opinion, what is the aim of such a document?

2.3 What is its purpose? Is it not too broad or ambitious, making it imprecise?

  • 3.The target audience of the document

3.1 Who is this document intended for? Why is it aimed at this type of audience? Can they relate to it?

3.2 Are there any groups of people not mentioned in the document? If so, which ones? In your opinion, why haven’t they been named, and should they be?

3.3 Do you think this document can have an impact on the international scene, or is it destined to remain a simple declaration with no effect or impact?

3.4 Do you, as members of fraternity circles, feel concerned by the recipients of this document? Do you feel that this document is addressed to you?

3.5 How do you receive this document? How does it concern you?