Jede Begegnung verändert uns selbst

Dennis Halft, « Jede Begegnung verändert uns selbst. Ein neuer Master “Interreligiöse Studien: Judentum, Christentum, Islam” startet in Trier », Diakonia 53, 4, 2022, pp. 270‒272 (interview avec W. Kirchhoff).

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Manifestazioni spirituali nell’Islam

Giuseppe Scattolin & Riccardo Paredi, Manifestazioni spirituali nell’Islam. Antologia di alcuni testi fondamentali del sufismo classico (secoli I/VII‒VII/XIII) tradotti e commentati, Ediz. Integrale, Officina di Studi Medievali, 2021. In questa Antologia sono racchiusi i testi fondanti della più importante corrente spirituale in seno all’Islam, il Sufismo. Attraverso le parole dei Sufi stessi e la

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A little yesterday

Ilyass Amharar & Jean Druel, “‘A little yesterday’: The canonical text of Sībawayhi’s teaching confronted to two unedited manuscripts of the Kitāb”, in: Manuel Sartori & Francesco Binaghi (éd.), The Foundations of Arab Linguistics V, Brill, 2022, p. 37‒51.

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There is Matter for Thought

Catherine Mayeur-Jaouen, “There is Matter for Thought. The Episode of the Night Journey and the Heavenly Ascension in the Sīra ḥalabiyya, at the Beginning of the Seventeenth Century”, in Denis Gril, Stefan Reichmuth and Dilek Sarmis (dir.), The Presence of the Prophet in Early Modern and Contemporary Islam, vol. I:

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Human Fraternity and Inclusive Citizenship

Fadi Daou, Fabio Petito and Michael D. Driessen, Human Fraternity and Inclusive Citizenship: Interreligious Engagement in the Mediterranean, Milan: Ledizioni, June 2021, 194 pages. Polarization and discrimination linked to religion have been increasing in many parts of the world, including on the two shores of the Mediterranean. Against this background, however, seeds

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De Koran herontdekt

Emilio Platti, De Koran herontdekt, Averbode: Uitgeverij Averbode|‌Erasme N.V, 2020, 96 pages. De afgelopen jaren is het wetenschappelijk onderzoek naar het ontstaan van de Koran en de vroege Islam in een stroomversnelling geraakt. Islamoloog en dominicaan Emilio Platti behandelt in dit boekje twee nieuwe belangrijke inzichten. Hij beschrijft de invloed

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