Fr. Fadi Daou

Father Fadi Daou is Lebanese and lives in Beirut, Lebanon.

Fadi Daou is the chaiman and CEO of Adyan foundation, and professor of fundamental theology and geopolitics of religions. He holds a PhD in theology and a pre-PhD in political philosophy (University of Strasbourg, France).

After having been the director of the Superior Institute for Religious Sciences (USJ, Beirut), he now teaches at the Holy Spirit University (Kaslik) and he is a visiting professor in many universities in Europe and in the Arab World.

He has authored a few books and studies, the last one being L’hospitalité divine : l’autre dans le dialogue des théologies chrétienne et musulmane (co-authored with Nayla Tabbara, Berlin, 2013) and published in Arabic (الرحابة الإلهيّة, Beyrouth, 2011). In 2012, he directed the publication of an Arabic volume devoted to the education to coexistence: التربيّة على العيش المشترك في ظلّ المواطنة الحاضنة للتنوّع الدينيّ, al-Maktaba al-Būlisiyya, Beirut.

In the framework of Adyan foundation, and in partnership with the Ministry of Education and CRDP, he is the head of the national reformation project to the education to citizenship and coexistence.

He received the prize “Civilization of Love” and, through Adyan foundation, many other prizes, including “The Civilian Peace in Lebanon Prize” and the Second World Prize of the United Nations for the Education to Peace in a Pluralistic World.