The Library

The first library on Islamic heritage

Idéo boasts one of the most prestigious libraries in the realm of Islamic studies, serving as a valuable resource for both researchers and students. This remarkable collection comprises over 155,000 volumes, encompassing nearly 1,800 specialized journals and periodicals that span the entire spectrum of Islamic studies disciplines. These include Arabic language, Quranic studies, exegesis, theology, law and jurisprudence, history, philosophy, Sufism, sciences, and more.

Furthermore, Idéo’s library offers access to over 20,000 classical texts from the Arab-Muslim heritage, along with numerous studies available in Arabic and various European languages. This extensive range of materials provides readers with access to the forefront of contemporary research in the field of Islamology. Additionally, a wealth of doctoral theses is available for consultation on-site.

The Idéo library, known as BIDEO, extends its accessibility by providing readers with free access to its collection through its online catalog.

The current Idéo library building, inaugurated in 2002, features a spacious study area equipped with computer workstations capable of accommodating up to 30 individuals daily. Additionally, it houses the offices of the library’s various departments, including reception, cataloguing, IT, and more.

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The library team

Management team

Engy Elgammal

Head of the cataloguing team

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Mateus Domingues

Library Director

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Magdi Azab

Assistant library director

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Catalogue Department Team

Dalal Adib

Ibrahim Hammam

Amr Zakarya

BIDEO's acquisition policy

Arabic Books

Idéo places an unequivocal emphasis on preserving and studying classical texts from Arabic culture, particularly in fields that encompass the foundations of religious thought, language, philosophy, theology, mysticism, general history, geography, and science. Our commitment extends to acquiring ancient Arabic texts that have been published across the Muslim world, spanning from Morocco to India, in addition to editions produced by orientalists.

Western books

Idéo diligently conducts systematic searches through the catalogues of specialized Western publishing houses, with the aim of procuring exceptional works in diverse orientalism fields. We also extend our acquisition efforts to disciplines that are interconnected with Arab culture, including texts and studies related to the history of science, philosophy, and theology in traditions such as Greek, Latin, Indian, and Hebrew.

Our partners

Internship opportunities

The library collaborates with library training centers to provide opportunities for trainees. For more details and inquiries, please reach out to us at