Newsletter — April 2021

Dear friends,

The pioneer work of the IDEO in the field of manuscript cataloging has been rewarded by the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO), on the World Arabic Manuscript Day. Traditionally, libraries manage manuscripts and printed materials in separate catalogs, with no link between them. However, in Islamic studies, a manuscript is a book like any other and researchers read and cite manuscripts in a quite natural way. The online application Diamond, developed by the IDEO for several years, is the only application currently capable of cataloguing manuscripts and printed materials in the same database, according to IFLA-LRM international standards. The immediate consequence of doing so is that the works and the ideas of the authors are highlighted, rather than the types of document, manuscripts or printed, through which we received these works. For two years, the IDEO has been collaborating with the Arabic Manuscripts Institute, which belongs to the Arab League in Cairo. This ALECSO award acknowledges the efforts of the teams from the two institutes. Click here to open the record displayed above…


On April 6th, Amir Jajé, OP gave a lecture entitled “Pope Francis in Iraq, a landmark of fraternity” This lecture was co-organized by the Friends of the IDEO and the association Chrétiens de la Méditerranée. Click here to watch the lecture on YouTube…

Research seminar

On April 9ᵗʰ, as part of the research seminar “Representations of Islam: views and panchronic experiences” organized at the University of Strasbourg, Ms. Anne-Sylvie Boisliveau and Ms. Salomé Deboos invited Mr. Daniel De Smet from the École pratique des Hautes-Études to speak on the topic of “Ismailism, an esoteric version of Islam”.

Translation workshop

Guillaume de Vaulx organizes, together with Salam Diab-Duranon, a workshop entitled “European Vocabulary of Philosophies”. This workshop, which aims to translate the untranslatable concepts of philosophy into Arabic, takes place two Wednesdays a month at the French Institute of the Near East (IFPO). Click here for more information…

Training sessions

On April 11th, Emmanuel Pisani, OP gave a session on the topic of “Dialogue: principles and theological issues” at the Diocesan House of Saint-Denis.

From April 19th‒22nd, Emmanuel Pisani, OP gave an introductory session on the religious traditions at the Institute of Religious and Pastoral Studies (IERP) of Toulouse.


On April 5th, we welcomed Mr. Jakub Jajcay, PhD student at the American University of Beirut, who works on the history of conflicts in Lebanon.


  • Emmanuel Pisani (dir.), Les doctrines religieuses sont-elles condamnées à s’opposer ? Actes du colloque de l’ISTR des 6 et 7 février 2020, Paris, Cerf, 2021.

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