The Scholar's House

The Idéo offers students and researchers a home in a particularly favorable environment for research, the Scholar’s House. It bears the name of Father Gilles Couvreur, in recognition for his generosity for the Idéo.
Built in the peaceful garden of the convent of the Dominicans, directly connected to the library, the Scholars’ House is a comfortable and quiet place to stay in Cairo, next to al-Azhar and Islamic Cairo.

Guests of the Scholar’s House have privileged access to the Library. They participate in a regular seminar, with the Idéo research team. They are invited to submit articles to MIDÉO.

Staying at the Scholar's House

The Scholar’s House offers, in a new building, 5 rooms (one of them is a double room) air-conditioned and soundproofed, with private bathroom. WiFi is available throughout the house. Lounge, kitchen, washing machine and satellite television are common. Guests of the House will have access all the time to the garden of the convent and to the Library.

The Scholars’ House negotiates special rates stay with its partner institutions. Out of these partnerships, the price requested is as follows:

Single RoomDouble Room

This rate can be adapted to singular situations, do not hesitate to talk to us. It includes housing and services, meals are the responsibility of the guests.

Contact us

To ask to stay in the Scholars’ House or more information, please send us an email: