Sufism, literary production, and printing

9783956500435_coverCatherine Mayeur-Jaouen, Rachida Chih and Rüdiger Seesemann (éd.), Sufism, literary production, and printing in the nineteenth century, (Mitteilungen zur sozial- und Kulturgeschichte, 37), Ergon Verlag, Würzburg, 579 pages, 2015.


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Alberto Ambrosio, O.P.

Alberto_1_Alberto Fabio Ambrosio is Italian and lives part-time in France, part-time in Turkey.

He is a temporary teaching and research assistant at University of Lorraine.

He studied philosophy and theology at the Dominican faculty in Bologna (SFD and STAB) where he obtained a BA in each topic. He then studied at Marc Bloch University (Strasbourg) where he completed a Master’s Degree in Turkish language and literature, and a D. E. A. (pre-PhD degree) in Catholic theology, starting his research in history of religions and focusing on the history of Ottoman Sufism. Continue reading Alberto Ambrosio, O.P.