Sufism, literary production, and printing

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Alberto Ambrosio, O.P.

Alberto_1_Alberto Fabio Ambrosio is Italian and lives part-time in France, part-time in Luxembourg.

He is a temporary teaching and research assistant at University of Lorraine.

He studied philosophy and theology at the Dominican faculty in Bologna (SFD and STAB) where he obtained a BA in each topic. He then studied at Marc Bloch University (Strasbourg) where he completed a Master’s Degree in Turkish language and literature, and a D. E. A. (pre-PhD degree) in Catholic theology, starting his research in history of religions and focusing on the history of Ottoman Sufism.

He completed a PhD thesis in 2007 in modern and contemporary history in Paris 4 University (Sorbonne) entitled “Practices and doctrines of the whirling dervishes in the 17th century in the Ottoman Empire: The case of Ismâ‘îl Rüsûhi Ankaravî”.

After his PhD, he continued his research and published research papers, he obtained the habilitation to supervise Catholic theology researches at the University of Lorraine by presenting a research entitled: “The Sufism of the whirling dervishes. Researches in mysticism”.

He is an invited lecturer in many universities including Pontifical universities (Pontifical Gregorian University, Pontifical University of St. Thomas, Pontifical Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies) and University of Insubria (Como).