No one will be saved if all are not saved

Guillaume de Vaulx Doctor of Philosophy and IDEO member icon-calendar Tuesday December 12ᵗʰ, 2017 It is impossible to hold these three statements at the same time: 1) “God wants all people to be saved”, 2) “God shows people a path of salvation”, and 3) “Anyone who does not follow this

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Reason against reason

Guillaume de Vaulx PhD student at Paris-IV University icon-calendar November 3, 2015 Guillaume de Vaulx presented under the title “Reason against reason” a medieval Christian-Muslim polemic. The debate opposed the Nestorian bishop Isrāʾīl al-Kaskarī to Aḥmad ibn al-Ṭayyib al-Saraḫsī, one of al-Kindī disciples who the speaker suspects to be the author

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Mr. Guillaume de Vaulx

Send him an email: Click here to see his bibliography. Click here to see his authority record and list of publications on Diamond. Guillaume de Vaulx is French and lives in Beirut. After completing two degrees in philosophy (CAPES and Agrégation), he lived in Saudi Arabia before settling in Egypt.

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