Videos of Congress interventions

The sacrament of the brother: theological rereading of the writings of Christian de Chergé | Emmanuel Pisani

Trajectory of the Catholic approach in Muslim-Christian dialogue | Jean-Jacques Pérennès

Opening speech | Michel Younes | “Islam and fraternity” in Abu Dhabi, February 2024

Message from Pope Francis to the 4th International Pluriel Congress in Abu Dhabi | S. Ém. Cardinal Ayuso

Azharis, representations of Christianity and the vagaries of Muslim-Christian dialogue | Dominique Avon

Fraternity experienced in Tibhirine (Algeria) | Marie-Dominique Minassian

The Document on Fraternity in the Light of Early Arabic Theological Writings | Romain Louge

Human fraternity, divine paternity: theological issues between Muslims and Christians | S. Arbache

Document on Human Fraternity: toward a better future or an impossible utopia | Diego Sarrio Cucarella