Iscrizione in arabo

Adrien de Fouchier, « Iscrizione in arabo del monte Tabor », in: A. Tartuferi et F. D’Arelli (éd.), L’arte di Francesco, capolavori d’arte italiana e terre d’Asia dal XIII al XV secolo, coll. « Cataloghi arte », Giunti Editore, Firenze, p. 348‒351, 2015.

Adrien de Fouchier, O.P.

IMG_2640Adrien de Fouchier is French and lives in Italy.

After two years in a programme for Arabic philosophy and culture in Saint Joseph University in Beirut, he obtained a Master’s degree entitled “Digital technologies applied to history” at the École des Chartes in Paris.

He currently works on his PhD thesis in Codicology, applied to the collection of the Christian Arab manuscripts in the Vatican Library, under the supervision of Prof. François Déroche. Continue reading Adrien de Fouchier, O.P.